mayumiura log




  1. Thomas Gregg and Bryan DeSilva, tenors; Yukiko Oba, piano
    "se vittorie si belle" by Claudio Monteverdi
  2. Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano; Yukiko Oba, piano
    Einsamkeit and Requiem by Robert Schumann
  3. William Cotten, tenor; Sara Goldstein, soprano; Michael Strauss, piano
    From "Italienisches Liederbuch" by Hugo Wolf
  4. Taylor Stilson, baritone; Patty Thom, piano
    "Automne" by Gabriel Faure
  5. Michael Hanley, baritone; Patty Thom, piano
    The lake Isle of Innisfree by Ben moore
  6. Katherine Fuller, voice; Asher Denburg, piano
    Always Better by Jason Robert Brown
    Mistress of the Senator by Michael John LaChiusa
  7. Jared Trudeau, voice; Asher Denburg, piano
    If the World Looked Like You by Will Reynolds
    Lost in the Waves by Kooman and Diamond
  8. Christy Turnbow, voice; Asher Denburg, piano
    Whats the Use of Wondrin by Rodgers and Hammerstein
    Get Out and stay Out by Dolly Parton, piano arr. by Oremus and Lacamoire